The Idea

We have made it our business to reform the classical Chess, extending its basic ideas while retaining its dignity.

Thus we have chosen the enlargements, names and new movements very subtly. SATEM CHESS – which comprises all rules of the “Old Chess” should lead to a renaissance of the beauty, fascination and logic of this great board game. It is not a variation, normally known as “fairy chess”.

Characters-Design: Cardinal vs. Queen
New Character Cardinal
The Cardinal in Satemchess

We have added a new figure. The Cardinal, who walks on long and short distances and may make a sidestep. The Cardinal may walk diagonally as far as he wishes and ends his movement with a horizontal or vertical step on the next square. He may not jump over other pieces. After each move the Cardinal will end up on a different colour.

This extension results in a chess board with ten-by-ten squares. The possible strategies of the game are also extended. The classical rules of chess will be largely preserved.

Another shape of Cardinal
Another shape of Cardinal