Vorstellung in einem Schachverein
Chris Burns explains Satmchess



I started playing chess when I was eight years old. During this long period I enjoyed uncounted chess games with passion and fascination.
After a while, however, my passion for this game dissipated, whether the Spanish Game or the Sicilian Defence, in all variations, staled. I had the feeling that the game forced me more and more to go back to the once learned scenarios to better myself. It got boring and drab.





Thus I was looking for a new kick, a vision to get my passion back. I got the idea to just enlarge the chess game. During my researches I realised that I was not alone in my criticism of the bureaucratic and uninspired chess.
In 1926 the world champion José Raul Capablanca submitted an very interesting proposal, which came very near my own idea. From this moment on I had a new passion for this game.

The Cardinal...New character
Die Formen des Kardinals
Chris Burns, Satem fascination pur

SATEM the end of the stereotype variations

I produced an enlarged board with 10 x 10 fields and modelled 4 new game figures. This gave me back my old feelings and enthusiasm. The new figure I called „Cardinal“, it should have ist place next to the Lady and King, but should not be mightier than the Lady.
It was clear that the Pawn and the Jumper would change their known basic moves due to the new game board. The result was a new enlarged chess game which I called SATEM:

Fascination reloaded – An idea goes round the world

Satemchess, which comprises all the old known rules of the traditional chess, will lead to a renaissance of the beauty, fascination and logic of this wonderful board game.